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Posted by on Mar 28, 2015 in Workout plans |

6 Tips to Get in Shape for Summer


How magnificent would it be to hit the beach with a sculpted, lean, super-fit body for this summer?

Do not worry, you still have some time to make it happen. And what you do not have time left for is procrastination or dawdling. You will need to eat right, and get some smart training plan and also follow that plan consistently. Oh, yeah, and you should start now!

You know that never works trying with a quick fix of yourself and your body in a last minute. You should get it on now and you will shed all that excess weight and get fit for the beach for swimwear season. Now, we are here to help you and we are going to give you some useful tips:

  1. You need to plan your attack

A lot of people do not stick with exercise because they do not have any plan. By doing almost the same daily workouts or go to the gym and doing “whatever” – well that doesn’t get you any great results. What you need to365c2f22896a321219e8d026f4144ac4 have is to have a route map to get you to where you want to be. So, we recommend reconsidering your goals and progress every 3 months. Your body can change a lot just a few months if you are following a well-devised plan. And if you’re not following that plan, it probably won’t.

  1. You need to go harder

For maximum body-sculpting results, fat-burning, forget all of those steady types of exercise that can maintain you for long periods. What you need is a intense, varied workouts that will leave you completely spent—it would be perfect in less than an hour. The motto is – do harder, no longer!

  1. You need to mix it up

You need to vary your training. In that way it will help you keep boredom at bay and to decrease your risk of injuries. Injuries are often caused by too much repetition of the same movements. Also, it maximizes results by making sure that all of your different muscles get on fire and that your body does not get comfortable with 1 type of exercise.

  1. You must be real

Yes, we are all busy and it can happen sometimes that is not possible to get to the gym. What wesummer recommend is a training strategy that accounts for this. Now, you could get a extremely affective workout for the whole body with no equipment at all. It is good to have some kit-free training sessions when you need them, even if you usually prefer to do exercises in the gym.

  1. You must eat protein

In effect you damage your muscles when you train hard. That is how we make progress and how we improve – as a result, the muscle fibers reconstruct and become stronger. That’s why your body needs nutrients – protein specially – in order to make these improvements and repairs which allow you to get fitter and keep burning down the fat.

  1. You should do dumbbells

Those free weights that you hold in your hands instead of the machines with weights attached are one of our preferred equipment. By exercising with free weights you engage more muscles, and that means more strengthening benefits and fat burning.

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